Plenary Speakers and Tentative Talk Titles

Monday morning session: Early acquisition and development of the gut microbiome: A comparative approach

  • David Mills, University of California, Davis, USA—“Mopping up spilled milk: Restoring ecosystem function in the nursing infant gut microbiome”
  • Kjersti Aagaard, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, USA—“The perinatal microbiome”
  • Sharon Donovan, University of Illinois, Urbana, USA—“Early life nutrition and gut microbiome development in the piglet”
  • Leluo Guan, University of Alberta, Canada—“Assessment of neonatal gut microbiomes revealed microbial markers linked to calf gut health”
  • Robert Moore, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia—“The dynamics of microbiota development in chickens”

Special Monday session:

  • Greg Cook, University of Otago, New Zealand—8th Bryant Memorial Lecture: "Bioenergetic targets for controlling growth of pathogens and harmful bacteria: Insights into the molecular mode of action of monensin"
  • David Berry, University of Vienna, Austria—"Functional analysis of the gut microbiota using single cell isotope probing"
  • Nicole Koropatkin, University of Michigan, USA—"The Sus operon in gut Bacteroidetes—A model system for binding, hydrolysis, and uptake of plant cell wall polysaccharides"

Other confirmed plenary speakers for the Congress include:

  • Jens Walter, University of Alberta, Canada—"Metabolic and immunological interactions between the microbiome and its host in relation to health"
  • Primrose Freestone, University of Leicester, United Kingdom—"Microbial endocrinology—How does stress and tension influence the composition and functioning of gut bacteria?"
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