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(recordings available until May 31, 2022)

CGIF is pleased to confirm that the 2022 congress will take place April 11 to 13, 2022, as a fully virtual conference.

The CGIF maintains a tradition established in 1951 to provide academic and industry scientists a biennial forum to present the latest advances in our understanding of gastrointestinal microbiology, (immuno)physiology, and nutritional sciences.

The topics presented at the congress include studies with livestock and poultry species for food production and biomedical research, as well as clinical and nutritional studies relevant to improving human health and well-being. Research that addresses the environmental and public health impacts from gastrointestinal microbiology (e.g., the ecology of antibiotic resistance, food safety, and waste management) is also welcome.

The 2022 congress will be held virtually, and we are proud to have recruited an excellent group of plenary speakers (please visit the "Invited Speaker" page). The abstract submissions will be used by the congress's Scientific Committee to select oral presentations for the five sessions, with dedicated virtual space and time slots for poster presentations throughout the congress.

Please explore our website for more details, and we invite you to attend our next congress, scheduled to be held virtually, April 11 to 13, 2022.

Rod Mackie, Chair 2022, University of Illinois, USA

On behalf of the CGIF Committee: Jane A. Z. Leedle (JL Microbiology Inc.), Amy Biddle (University of Delaware), Isaac Cann (University of Illinois), Jeffrey L. Firkins (The Ohio State University), Todd Callaway (University of Georgia), Tim Hackman (University of California), Joshua McCann (University of Illinois), Itzhak Mizrahi (Ben Gurion University), and Phil Pope (Norwegian University of Life Sciences).

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