Confirmed Invited Speakers for CGIF 2024 with Tentative Talk Titles

Ed Bayer (Marvin P. Bryant Memorial Speaker, Weizmann Institute, Israel). Cellulosome-Producing Bacteria from the Environment to the Rumen and Human-Gut Microbiomes.

Rekha Seshadri (DoE-JGI, USA). A Census of Genomes from the Rumen Microbiome: Charting New Frontiers Beyond Hungate1000

Manuel Kleiner (North Carolina State University, USA). Dietary Protein Source Strongly Impacts Gut Microbiota Composition and Function.

Ami Bhatt (Stanford University, USA). From Precise Microbial Genomics to Precision Medicine.

Lindsay Hall (Birmingham University, UK). The Ying and Yang of Microbiome Signatures in Early Life.

Mads Albertsen (Alborg University, Denmark). From Chromosomes to Cells Using Third-Generation Sequencing.

Eric Martens (University of Michigan Medical School, USA) Contributions of dietary fiber and mucin-degrading bacteria to inflammatory bowel disease.

Alex Kostic (Harvard Medical School, USA). The Human Gut Microbiome: Lessons from our Ancestors.

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